Not Together but Never Forgotten®

The romantic relationship may be over but the friendship can still live on

A Need for the Now®

To live the present in its fullness, you need to set yourself free from the pains of the past.

Greeting Cards for the Divorced or Separated Couples

Our cards are designed to help ex-couples stay on good terms, gain closure, or express an interest in getting back together.

The First Brand That Speaks Honestly and Earnestly on Ex-Relationships

Xcards® is the originator of this greeting card concept and first to market.


Our Mission

The world is currently undergoing a lot of changes, especially within the family. Divorce rates are soaring to 50%, and recorded out-of-wedlock births are nearly at 40%.

At Xcards®, we want to address the need for cards that express the thoughts and points of view of people who find themselves in unfortunate, but sometimes necessary circumstances. We aim to help restore, rebuild and maintain relationships by providing a bridge of communication between people who are “Not Together but Never Forgotten®.

About Us

Xcards® is a card company located in Newark, NJ. We are owned and operated by a divorced couple who have two children together. Our company was established to address the greeting card needs of a specific target market––those who have separated but are seeking ways to remain on good terms.

Our Story

After getting a divorce, our founders still put in efforts in keeping in touch for the sake of their kids. They try to send their thoughts to each other on special occasions, such as during Mother’s and Father’s Days. However, they couldn’t find greeting cards on the market that are relevant to their situation or carry the sentiments they wanted to convey. They had to buy blank cards and try to put into words what they were feeling.

Our founders felt that there might be other people who are experiencing the same situation like theirs, and they wanted to help solve this problem. Together, they launched Xcards® in 2009.

We Promote Healthy Parenting Environment for the Children

We believe that a harmonious relationship between parents plays a crucial role in raising confident and socially healthy children. This is why, even when you have undergone divorce or separation, you still have to make sure that you are able to fulfill your responsibility as a mother or father.

One of our main objectives is to help divorced or separated parents remain in touch with each other. This way, both parties can still stay involved, in the lives of their children.

We Encourage You to Forgive

If you have been divorced or separated but don’t have children, there still may be a sentiment that you want to convey to an ex, such as remorsefulness, gratitude, closure or reconciliation. At Xcards®, we dare to break the traditional mind-set that it’s impossible to remain friends or even to be cordial with a former partner. We encourage you to tear down your walls of defense, and liberate yourself from the hurts of your past.

Through our greeting cards, we provide you with a method to forgive, heal your wounds, and restore harmony. By having a new perspective on handling ex-relationships, we believe you can easily move on and eventually seize your breakthrough with peace.

How A Former Couple's Greeting Card Business Is Helping Exes Communicate

Xcards® Greeting Cards TV Commercial


“Stop Forcing Your Children to Choose Between Mommy and Daddy"

Let go of control. Years after my divorce, my ex-husband and I still disagree about some of the same things we didn't agree about when we were married. But we've reached a place of mutual respect and effective co-parenting for our two sons.

Divorce can bring out the worst in us. I am the first to admit that; perhaps there's lingering hurt because one person left, or someone cheated, or someone fell out of love…

Our Hallmark

We are the first on the market to provide greeting cards with this unique concept. Because our founders have experienced the need for these products themselves, they can attest that our greeting cards are helpful in maintaining a peaceful, civil relationship with an ex-partner and within the family.

Greeting card companies publish cards expressing a variety of sentiments, but one area that is often neglected involves emotions that people feel when relationships end. What sets us apart from the rest is that our products can convey the feelings of those who have been divorced or are separated. No other card company has ever accomplished this feat.

Our support team is composed of experienced writers and designers from the greeting card and design industry. Because of their brilliant minds and skillful hands, our products have never disappointed our customers. This eventually earned us a stellar reputation in the industry. When you search for “divorce couple greeting cards” on Google, the top results would be about our story that has been featured on many media outlets.

We offer greeting cards in different styles and tones, and the messages they carry range from earnest to humorous. Through our cleverly written and well-designed cards, you can express emotions that you might not be able to communicate otherwise.

We offer our products online, and we can deliver them to customers domestically and internationally through the USPS at first-class postal rates. Expect your item to be shipped within 1–2 days. With us, you are sure to have a convenient shopping experience while meeting a need that was never an option before Xcards®!

Send Your Thoughts to Your Ex-Partner

Let your former partner know you can still remain friends despite of the past. Purchase an Xcard to convey that special message!

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L. Merriam

“Hello, I wanted to let you know I received my cards today! Very efficient delivery, and great product. Thank you very much.”

S. Ebersohn

“Good day

Compliments on your brilliant idea to create cards for divorced families!”

A. Gagnon

“Dear Ken and Wanda,

I just came across a story on the Huffington Post website (via FB) regarding the card line you two have created. I am so inspired and moved by the two of you, the steps you both have taken to heal and grow, and now, through your card line, ripple those effects out to the rest of the world. Truly, thank you for doing this important and powerful work that is sure to touch so many lives and families. I know I will be looking for your cards when they are available in stores, and I will most definitely spread the word!

With warmest regards and great appreciation,”

S. Jaramillo

“I just want to say thank you for coming out with these cards. My ex-husband and I are best friends, and I could never find a card that fits our situation. I'm sure your business will grow rapidly. Hopefully, they will carry them in Kissimmee FL so I can start buying more. ☻